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2014 Tumblr Aesthetic is Back

POV: The year is 2014 and you're relaxing with some tech time on your favorite app. Ah yes, this is the life, kicking back in your strategically ripped tights and DIY denim cutoff shorts to find inspo on how to be the perfect blend of moody emo girl and "The Fault in Our Stars" soft lover girl. Everything is black and white and something by Lana or Lorde is playing in the background.

This is... The 2014 Tumblr Era.

In 2014, the Tumblr app was dominated by indie-pop influences like fashion, music, and films. Everyone wanted a chunky black combat boot to pair with their black skater skirt and dark winged liner, all to be captured by a colorful Polaroid camera covered in stickers. What a time to be alive. Being a teen during this timeframe was moody and a little dark, but incredibly fun and artistic. Soon this girl we loved so dearly, the 2014 Tumblr girl, was swallowed up by the VSCO girl who has since been overtaken by the "clean girl," and not to be dramatic, but nothing has been the same since.

Trends have always been cyclical, inspiring one generation after the next to embrace and run with their own rendition of whatever is back "in" at the moment. The ever-evolving and seemingly endless digital landscape has only made this cycle churn faster, bringing familiar and nostalgic trends back sooner and more frequently. Thankfully, the beloved 2014 Tumblr look is BACK, and just when we all need it the most.

The 2014 Tumblr era had a specific look and feel to it, and during that time, Journeys carried the styles tailored perfectly to the look. With the resurrection of this trend, we're the best stop to pick up everything you need to achieve your own updated version of this look.

Here's a little more inspo from @emmuhyuh on how to bring 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic to your own wardrobe:

1. Black Boots

The mid-2010s saw a resurgence of grunge fashion, which is known to come with a rebellious and nonconformist attitude. That, paired with the durability and versatility of a black boot made it the perfect staple for any Tumblr girl or guy's closet!

2. Flats & Mary Janes

These flats and Mary Janes gained popularity because of their alternative take on femininity. With lace details, subtle heels, and lugged soles, this style dominated amongst teens who wanted that touch of girliness to their otherwise grunge-inspired outfit.

3. Vans & Converse

Both Vans and Converse are Heritage brands available at Journeys. Seemingly every generation has worn these styles in their own way, and 2014 was no different. Here are a few of the best-sellers from the Tumblr era:

4. Creepers, Casuals, & Oxfords

The vintage appeal of oxfords, artistic appeal of creepers, and comfort of casuals brought a certain vintage charm to this time period. The uniqueness appealed to Tumblr teens who were looking for ways to set themselves apart while molding to fit this image and look.

5. Graphic Tees & Accessories

There will never be a new black. The subtlety of black details and accessories was a key driver in the 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic and is therefore having a resurgence. Check out a few of the items below, and be sure to search for more options in our apparel and accessories collections.

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