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3 Ways to Make Microtrends More Affordable & Less Wasteful

If fashion is the engine and trends are the fuel, then microtrends are like the road trip snacks you stop to pick up along the way. Are they absolutely necessary? No, probably not. Do they keep it fun, fresh, and lively? Duh, that’s kinda the whole point. 🤷‍♀️

Microtrends are accelerated trends that only last for a brief moment in time, while traditional fashion trends can last a few years. Platforms like Pinterest and TikTok have made it easier for these trends to have a widespread effect on a large audience and they surge in popularity quicker than ever before.

Recently trends like “Clean Girl Aesthetic,” “Mob Wife,” and “Coquette Core” have taken over the microtrend market and everyone’s scrambling to keep up and stay in style.

These small trends help keep fashion fun. They can serve as new inspiration to wear your mom’s jeans from the 90s or your dad’s sweater from the 00s. Or maybe a microtrend gives you a way to revive something from the depths of your closet, a new aesthetic to thrift for, or a fun mission for your next trip to the mall. Whatever the case may be, we’re Team Microtrend because microtrends give YOU inspiration and motivation to switch up your style, dress to impress, and look and feel your best.

However, with the ever-changing landscape of the fashion scene and “For You” page, it can get expensive and pretty wasteful to keep up with buying new every time you want to participate in a trend.

Here are our 3 ways to make microtrends more affordable and less wasteful:

1. Alternate Your Footwear

Some people who shop at Journeys come in a few times a year to buy the same brand they've been buying forever. We love those people. We love all of our people, BUT if you want to participate in microtrends in a more meaningful way, we encourage you to expand your wardrobe in order to encompass a broader range of brands, styles, and looks.

For example, if you're a loyal Vans shopper, get your tried and true, and then maybe take a pair of boots for a spin. You might love them and then not only will you have a solid sneaker in your collection, but you'll also have a different look for different weather, different trends, and different occasions.

2. Get Creative

When you want a new look, take a quick inventory of what you already have! Is there something more affordable that you can do instead of buying new? For example, throw a new Jibbitz pack on your Crocs to align with a different aesthetic, change your laces to satin styles or more colorful selections for a new vibe. Whatever it is, get those creative juices flowing to revive an old favorite.

3. Shop Neutrals

If you've got neutrals on deck, then you know you'll have options when it comes to styling any trends that pop up. Shop colors like black, cream, beige, white, and gray to make sure you're ready when you need a shoe that goes with ANYTHING.

Microtrends come and go and that's exactly what they're supposed to do. Have fun with your look by experimenting with these pop-ups without having to worry about your shoes. Tag us @journeys when you create a look that eats. Also, lock in on our blog and social accounts to follow these trends and see the best ways to style them with Journeys brands.

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