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ATC California Water Donation
California Water Donation

We know that it takes a village, and in this effort to support a community in trouble, our village banded together to do what they do best: help friends in need.

Journeys ATC is our community outreach team, created to support and extend our core values into the communities that surround us. Most recently, the ATC Team has been hard at work with our nonprofit partners, Can’d Aid, to aid in relief efforts for victims of the California floods.

Organized and carried out by Can’d Aid, supported by Journeys and several other organizations, we helped prep and distribute 43,000 cans of clean drinking water to those in need.

Not only is canned water better for the environment because aluminum is infinitely recyclable and a better alternative to single-use plastics, but the water can also be canned by equipment typically used for canning high volumes of craft beer. This means that we were able to act fast and get water out to those that needed it more quickly!

In the California Water Donation efforts, Can’d Aid called upon their brewery partners at Oskar Blues Brewery to donate equipment and time to can water and help us make a difference.

We are proud to announce that 43,000 cans of water are being donated to Starting With a Penny Food Bank and United Way of Santa Cruz County due to these efforts.

“Getting clean drinking water to a community in the wake of a disaster is the first step to an emergency response plan,” says Diana Ralston, Can’d Aid Founder and Executive Director.

“Instead of focusing on where and how to source drinking water, emergency response teams and the individuals affected can now focus on rebuilding and healing.”

Since 2015, Can’d Aid has donated more than 3 million cans of water to communities in need by teaming up with their brewing partners and friends like Journeys. Can’d Aid works with local municipalities and nonprofits to deliver water as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Journeys is honored to be a part of such an impactful cause and is looking forward to growing relationships with nonprofits like Can’d Aid in the future.

“We have been cultivating our relationship with Can'd Aid over the last two years,” says Bailey Saunders, Community Outreach Manager for Journeys.

“It helps us identify more ways to support communities, kids, and people going through hard times. Our hearts go out to those in California who are experiencing the effects of these floods, and we're always looking for more ways to get involved and bring even something as small as safe, clean drinking water their way.”

To learn more about Can’d Aid or support their efforts, visit: As always, stay up to date on all the latest with Journeys ATC on the website here.

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