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ATC: Donate at the Register 2023

Early in the holiday season, we kicked off our Donate at the Register initiative for Can’d Aid, one of our favorite nonprofit partners. This project has always been a passionate one for us, and since it’s the third year we’re supporting the Donate at the Register initiative, we thought, “Third time’s the charm.” Spoiler: we were right.

This year, Journeys customers shopping in-store were given the opportunity to tack on $1, $3, or $5 at the checkout. These funds were then donated directly back to Can’d Aid. The concept is pretty common during the holiday season, but our results and the impact they will make are anything but!

Unlike our neighbors in the mall and other retail locations, we didn’t just pluck any old do-good company from a hat so we can feel good. We’ve harvested our friendship with Can’d Aid for years! We’re kind of like peanut butter and jelly, Can’d Aid and Journeys: we’re excellent on our own, but we’re even better when we’re together.

When given the opportunity to help Can’d Aid, we jump at it every time. Here’s why:

What is Can'd Aid

Can’d Aid is a Colorado-based nonprofit that spreads its impact across not only the U.S. but Canada as well! Its primary mission is to positively impact the lives of underserved youth by giving them more access to skills, hobbies, and art forms like drawing and painting. By creating these opportunities and increased access, Can’d Aid helps kids learn to ride skateboards and bikes, play instruments, and create art instead of mindlessly staring at their phones, tablets, and other devices.

Journeys x Can'd Aid

At Journeys, we’re proud to have supported Can’d Aid in donations of all of the above: skateboards, bikes, instruments, and art kits, as well as drinking water donations during times of crisis and employee park cleanups around the country with our very own employee volunteers.

In just 56 days, our Journeys fam made a huge impact that will ripple throughout communities across the country over the next year. We are beaming with pride, gratitude, and excitement.

Initiatives like Donate at the Register help fund and support what Can'd Aid is doing daily to improve the lives of young artists and other underserved teens. Thank you to all of the customers who participated and who continue to support our efforts to make a difference.

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