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ATC Summer Review
ATC Summer Review

It’s been a crazy busy summer. While we’ve all been living it up in the sun, hanging with friends, and of course, shopping, the Journeys Attitude that Cares Team has been putting in major work.

If you don’t know, Journeys ATC is a program designed to support employees, customers, and the communities that surround them. We always say that ATC is like a big fat hug from the entire Journeys family, and we mean that!

This summer, they got right to work making a difference across the country.

1. Getting Involved in Pride

The first stop on the summer do-good tour was in Nashville, TN, at Nashville Pride. Journeys and parent company Genesco sponsored an interactive mural led by artist Andee Rudloff during the local Pride Festival. In the parade, Journeys sponsored the Beautiful Strength Bus, a traveling photo studio best known for uplifting members of the community.

ATC also supported employees across the country who wanted to get involved in their local Pride events. Special shoutout to the volunteers in Rhode Island and New Jersey who helped make their parades and festivals to a huge success.

This year was our biggest turnout for Pride in Journeys history! We had almost 70 volunteers and over 150 volunteer hours logged. Thank you to the entire team that joined us and helped make beautiful art and support the LGBTQ+ community.


2. Cleaning up Parks

Next, it was time for a little cleanup. As part of their Treads and Trails Program, Can’d Aid wants to help protect and restore the environment. In partnership with Can’d Aid, Journeys decided to help them, one park at a time. Already this summer, we have rallied over 40 volunteers to do some serious cleaning in public parks in the Midwest.

Starting in St. Louis, MO, we got to work picking up Forest Park. This 1,326-acre park was the first ever Journeys park cleanup, but it most certainly won’t be the last. Our team and eager volunteers came together to impact this St. Louis staple spot. Fun fact: This park has hosted some huge events like the 1904 Summer Olympics!

Next, ATC hit the road to Cincinnati, OH. The team and volunteers from the area worked tirelessly to clean up Mt. Airy Forest Park. In fact, some of the team members even worked past their allotted volunteer time to ensure the park was restored to its natural beauty.

Thank you to Journeys Districts 33 and 65 for your participation in such an awesome initiative. We couldn’t do it without your willingness to help out your communities.


3. Tunes Program

It simply wouldn’t be summer without a stop (or two) on the Sad Summer Festival presented by Journeys tour.

First, in Phoenix, AZ, the ultimate trio of Journeys, Can’d Aid, and Sad Summer Festival partnered up to activate the Tunes Program. This program works to inspire underserved youth to get involved in the arts and learn to play an instrument.

To show them just how cool music can be, Journeys brought in our friends, the band Waterparks. The band played an entire acoustic set and followed up with a Q&A. Students got to ask them music-related questions as well as personal questions about their relationship with music, learning to play, and gaining popularity.

At the end of the event, Waterparks shared a special surprise, unveiling all new instruments! It was really heartwarming to see how excited they were to get started playing and creating with their new instruments.

4. Sad Summer Fest Mural Activation

In another collab, the Journeys, Can’d Aid, and Sad Summer Festival team partnered up in Dallas, TX, for the local Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas. Creating an interactive mural inspired by positive words, self-expression, and female empowerment, artist Drew Button led festival goers in the creation. Three girls from the club assisted Drew on the mural and got the full Sad Summer VIP treatment, attending concerts and meeting the bands. The kids and many of the festival goers loved participating, and when it was complete, the mural was donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas to keep in their space.

No matter the season, Journeys ATC is constantly working to make a difference for customers like you! Another thank you to all the volunteers and employees who devoted their time and energy to making these events happen. Without them, none of this would be possible. Be on the lookout for more ATC content right here on the Journeys blog or learn more at

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