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Back to School in Skate
Back to School in Skate

It’s not every day that you get to completely reinvent your look if you’d like. It’s a new school year: a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and achieving more goals.

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to reimagine your wardrobe each year, or you just follow the back-to-school trends, we know you’ll want IN on this one. Step back into the school hallways with confidence in up-and-coming trends like skate-inspired style.

What is Skate-Inspired Style?

Skate style is all about comfortability, practicality, and a little rebellious attitude. The typically neutral colors help create a capsule wardrobe, increasing wearability and versatility. The oversized and baggy look, intended to add protection, is all about what’s appropriate for the sport. Many major designers and streetwear brands are embracing this style, which is why you’ll probably begin to see it on celebrities, influencers, and from your favorite brands if you haven’t already.

DC Manteca 4


Why Now?

Coming off the wild ride of the X Games Summer 2022 Competition, we’re feeling fiery, fueled, and ready for the increasingly popular skate fits! Sure, the event features more than skateboarding, like BMX and Moto, but the style and sentiment among the athletes remain very similar. With such a major sports event in skateboarding happening right before the school year, we definitely think it will have an impact on your back-to-school shopping.

Similarly, almost every fashion trend from the early ‘00s is making its comeback, and skate is no different! Beginning in the late ‘90s, teens and young adults were spotted sporting streetwear like boxy hoodies, oversized tees, cargo pants, and puffy sneaks. This trend quickly grew into its own style, boosting brands associated with it.   

DC Court Graffik Black Skate Shoe

What if You Don't Skate?

It’s safe to say we’d probably all love to be able to hit the ramps at the skatepark, perfect coveted tricks, or even just glide effortlessly down the street, passing pedestrians left and right. Learning to skate, however, takes hours of discipline and countless cuts, bruises, and scrapes.

We have mad respect for those who put in the work to perfect the craft, but we also want everyone to explore current and upcoming trends and wear what makes them feel their best. If you don’t skate, you can still appreciate this style; that’s partially how it blew up in the ‘00s too. Not everyone that wore skate fashion was a skater, just like how not everyone who wears basketball shoes plays basketball, and not everyone who wears running shoes is a runner. It sounds a little cheesy, but we feel it’s safe to say that: haters hate, skaters skate, and non-skaters can still appreciate.

What Should You Shop For?

The first step to achieving this style is the shoes! Journeys is at the forefront of up-and-coming skate fashion. We’ve got shoes and apparel from the top brands in the game available right now in men’s, women’s, and kid’s! Check them out below and get shopping in-store or online.  

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