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Become an Insta Sensation… In Your Converse
Journeys Fit Check Challenge

Let’s start by saying this: if you’re not following us, close this page and go follow us on the ‘gram. If you are following us, then you already know what’s up, and you can skip that step. (We’re not afraid of a little self-promo, but we are afraid of you missing out on cool collabs and content like this).

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All right… to the fun part!

Whether you got to this page on your own or scanned a QR code in-store, this social collab is one of our biggest yet. In partnership with Converse, we created a filter to show off our cool customers like you and all the things you’re best at.

We all know the traditional fit check: tell us what you’re wearing and show us how you styled it. The #journeysfitcheck Challenge is an elevated version of that! We want you to do whatever you’re best at… in your Converse!

Maybe it’s a fit check; maybe it’s a new skate trick; maybe it’s the latest dance you choreographed! Whatever you do, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to showing out in your Converse.

How to join the #journeysfitcheck challenge:

Step 1: Find whatever it is that makes you uniquely you or challenge yourself to try something new.

Step 2: Lace up your favorite pair of Converse.

Step 3: Navigate to the filter on Instagram (link below).

Step 4: Film a video that you love!

Step 5: Share it with #journeysfitcheck.

Step 6: Become a viral sensation.

Pro tip: Download your video creation to share it across other platforms like TikTok and Twitter! Just save and reupload, easy.

This collab is all about summer fun, so be sure to try it a few times to capture all the memories and good times you’re having over the next few months! Get your friends and family involved or try it solo… just make sure to wear your Converse.

If we love your video, we’ll show you some extra love and share it on our official Journeys accounts (with your permission, of course). Who knows? There may even be special prizes for our favorites!

Happy posting.

And don’t forget to #journeysfitcheck.

Here’s a little inspo for you before getting started!

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