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Brand Blog: 3 Adidas Styles We’re Currently Drooling Over

Spring has sprung and that means spring sneakers are a must. What constitutes a sneaker as a spring sneaker? It's a sneaker that you wear in the spring... duh?!

This dedication to one of our longtime favorite brands goes out to Adidas: a leader in the sneaker game for decades! Each of the styles we've listed below is a blast from decades past that is a current best-seller. We're not just predicting that these will be the hottest styles for spring and summer, we KNOW it for a fact. Check them out and purchase your favorite in-store or on the Journeys site today.

1. Campus

The Adidas Campus is a classic sneaker, introduced in the 1970s. It's biggest flex is it's even bigger design and padded style.

This sneaker is for someone who wants to take a break from the monotony of the average sneaker and try a new look and feel. The padded tongue and collar give this shoe a retro look and comfortable feel. Its unique appearance has made it a staple in Adidas' lineup of lifestyle sneakers. See why below:

2. Gazelle

It might be the Year of the Dragon, but at Journeys it's also the Year of the Gazelle! We're currently obsessed with this comeback kick, and that's not slowing down anytime soon. With new colorways released daily, we've got something for everyone this spring.

Almost every generation has worn the Adidas Gazelle, but each time in a newer, cooler way. After its inception in the late 1960s, the Gazelle became a global phenomenon for athletes and sneakerheads alike. However, each generation has worn it a bit different, which is a true testament to the shoe's adaptability and relevance. With its incredible ability to read the room... or decade... Adidas continues to adjust the Gazelle silhouette to fit modern trends and desires.

3. Samba

Did you know that the Adidas Samba has been the "it" sneaker before? Heritage is important in the sneaker world, whether you know the history or not! The Adidas Samba has been around since the 1950s. Originally designed as a soccer training shoe, it quickly gained popularity across the globe. We've seen this sneaker before in old advertising, in television and film, and probably being worn by our older role models in school or in the neighborhood back in the day. This international association with sports, fashion, and nostalgia has been a key driver in the Samba's resurgence. As far as design and style, the neutral design and classic silhouette make it appealing to the vast majority of people. This style pretty much goes with anything and is easy to dress up or down depending don't the occasion.

We can't hardly keep these staples in stock so if you're liking what you're seeing from Adidas, we recommend shopping NOW for all of your spring and summer needs. Tag us when you wear them @journeys across all platforms. Happy shopping!

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