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Celebrating National Waffle Day 2022
Waffle Day and Vans Sneakers 2022

Who’s craving a big fluffy stack of waffles piled with butter and drizzled in maple syrup?

BRB gotta wipe up some drool.

Surprise: it’s National Waffle Day, and you can bet we’re going to be among the first to celebrate. This day in the United States commemorates the patent on the waffle iron dating way back to August 24, 1864. 158 years of waffles? Dang, that’s a lot of syrup, a ton of sugar, and a whole lot of tastiness.

Pause: more drool.

In typical Journeys fashion, we’re celebrating this one in our own, equally special way. No, settle down, we’re not sending you each a fat stack of waffles (we wish), but we are sharing our favorite waffle-soled shoes with you—some might say that’s the next best thing!

Enter Vans, famously known for their waffle-y bottoms, so pretty you can almost eat. Not only does this sole design give the wearer excellent traction and, might we add, fantastic style, but it also helps the shoes live a longer life for things like skating, concerts, and action sports.

On this fine day of celebration, let’s throw back some waffles in Vans’ honor, or at least kick the craving with some best-selling styles.

Get Your Waffle On


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