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Crocs Minecraft Launch
Crocs x Minecraft

The intersection of fashion and gaming has become more frequent over the last decade, and with the latest launch from Crocs, we know it’s stronger now than ever!

Introducing…the one… the only…the Minecraft x Crocs collection!

*Insert crowd cheers*

This highly anticipated launch celebrates the virtual world of Minecraft on your feet; however, it also celebrates Crocs fashion in the Overworld. Combining in-game Minecraft motifs with the ever-iconic Crocs design, gamers can choose to wear these Crocs irl or inside the game as their “Footwears” selection. However, if you’re a true fan, everybody knows that you’re gonna do BOTH…at the same time!

Minecraft is a game all about customization. Similarly, Crocs knows the customization game better than anyone! By regularly releasing new styles and collaborations and introducing an expansive assortment of Jibbitz™ Charms over the last few years, there’s a pair of Crocs for just about everybody!   

So now the real questions begin. Are you staying in “chill mode” or kicking it into “sport mode”? Are you using Jibbitz™ Charms that represent “survival mode” or “creative mode”? And lastly, when are you gonna go ahead and treat yourself to this milestone Minecraft x Crocs collab? If the answer is NOW, shop these Crocs at or in your local store!

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