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Easy Back-to-School Trends
Back in Style

The average school year is about 177 days long. That means you have (approximately) 177 outfits and, more importantly, shoe combos to plan! You may have seen our recent post, 4 Back-to-School Trends We’re Loving Right Now, but we realize that every trend isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. So with that said, we’ve compiled one more list of back-to-school trends that you can rock all the way through the season.

Whether you’re here for inspo to repurpose and restyle things you already have or for some guidance before your next shopping trip, we’ve got you. Without further ado, let’s dive into these trends!

Receiving the Royal Treatment

You may never be royal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one. This seasonal style will have you dying to drip in jewel tones as fall rounds the corner. The vibrant colors, often found in nature, are more high fashion than traditional nature palettes. Jewel tones have long overcome their reputation of exuding audacious essence and can be styled in a surprisingly versatile way.

Ruby red, muted malachite, and other jewel hues have a special place in the school hallways this season for their ability to accent popular fall colors or blend seamlessly to elevate everyday looks. Go ahead, kings and queens we’re all waiting to see how you serve these styles.

Getting in the Back-to-School Feels

You probably have a lot of feels as the school year is beginning, and here are a few more!

Instead of disguising this style as “leisure,” we’re just calling it what it truly is: full-on cozy. It’s all about texture, not just the kind you can feel; the kind you can see too. Constructed by materials like fleece, suede, and sherpa, this touchy-feely style is the kind of thing you just get the urge to touch. It’s the warm and fuzzies… literally.

Soft materials like these have lined the inside of footwear for centuries with their durable, moisture-wicking qualities. However, ready or not, they’re hitting the exterior with a whole new look and feel! This cozy footwear pairs perfectly with the rise in urban western wear, neutral tones, and monochromatic cotton sweatsuits.

Flexing Futuristic Fashion

If you didn’t know better, some elements of this school year might make it look like it’s happening in a galaxy far, far away. This spacey style is all about speed, risk, and modernity. Think high, sci-fi fashion.

This time-traveling trend is happening in the present, but the futuristic feel of metallic, iridescent, and hyper colors gives shoppers the sense of being in the know about upcoming trends. Designed for the customer that wants to make a statement, foreshadow fashion in the modern world, and relinquish the uniformity of fashion among their peers, these items are beloved by teens exploring their personal style.

Giving a Sole Lotta Lug

When style meets practicality, it’s always a trend for the books!  So, may we introduce the fall style that will make a splash, or clunk rather, this year: The lugged sole. Sneakers, loafers, sandals, combat boots— you name it, and we’ve got it with a lugged sole.

This style pairs well with the flared and bootcut pants trend, captivating teens and young adults, but it also fits particularly well into the autumn season. The structured, sturdy design is the armor you might need to withstand the damp city streets, piles of crunchy leaves, and soft mushy grass of the season. 

Well, that’s all the trend breakdown we’ve got for this back-to-school season. We’re confident that with your current wardrobe and maybe a little help from us at Journeys, you can accomplish any of these trends that suit you! As always, let’s see how you styled these trends with Journeys brands and merchandise! Tag us on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram so we can get in on your fashion fun.

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