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Go Skate Day 2023

Today is Go Skate Day, but before you go and skate, take a quick second and see what we’re doing in celebration!

What is Go Skate Day?

Go Skate Day is an annual event organized by the International Association of Skateboard Companies. This year, Journeys is partnering with one of our favorite nonprofit friends, Rocketown and Sixth Avenue Skatepark, to bring Go Skate Day to life in Nashville, TN!

Because Journeys is headquartered in Nashville, we have the opportunity to bring events like this and more to our own backyard. This year for Go Skate Day, we’re sponsoring free skate sessions for teens and young adults at Rocketown and Sixth Avenue Skatepark, as well as featuring some of our Journeys Skate Team on our social media.

The Journeys Skate Team

Yeah, you read that right! We have a Skate Team! This team is made up of students who show an interest and untapped talent for skating. We get them safe footwear, apparel, and decks for performing well, practicing hard, and making good grades! Keep scrolling to hear from some of the skaters themselves about what it's like to skate at Rocketown and be on the Journeys Skate Team!

“The Journeys Skate Team has opened so many doors for kids who have an interest in skating and skills but maybe don’t have the right equipment. It creates such a unique impact for kids and opens up opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them!” says Donny Klostermeier, Director of Programs and Outreach for Rocketown.

“I have seen firsthand what an impact that being on this team has had on kids with not just an improvement in their skating, but also an increase in confidence, grades, and social life. Plus, they’re getting decked out in cool gear from Journeys!” Klostermeier said.

This year, Rocketown will be having all kinds of events and entertainment for skaters ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

“It’s going to be great, we’ll have a TicTac race, hippie jump, a best trick competition, and all kinds of things! It’s a really fun day, and it’s extra fun to see people just getting out, skating, and trying new and healthier hobbies away from video games,” Klostermeier said.

Journeys and Rocketown sort of go together like PB&J, and we’ve been rolling with Rocketown for decades!  As this partnership only continues to grow, we can’t wait to see where it's headed in years to come.

“Journeys makes us cool. They help in so many ways, from donating shoes at the holidays to hosting family dinners and donating skateboards and bikes, it all makes a huge impact,” said Klostermeir.

Here’s what a few of our favorite skaters and members of the Journeys Skate Team had to say about this Go Skate Day:

So NOW… what are you waiting for? Get yourself outside, try something new, and GO SKATE! Happy Go Skate Day.

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