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We challenged some of our friends to do something nice for their friends & family this holiday season. Here are some of the ways they’re helping us create #HappierHolidays! What are you gonna do to spread joy & kindness?

1. Chloe Moriondo

“I’ve been challenging myself to create #HappierHolidays this season by taking time to show friends and family how much I appreciate them! Holidays can be hard, try and remember to take a step back sometimes and let your people know you care about them :)”

2. Neil Shibata

“Last year we were able to celebrate and gather for the holidays, and that is how we cared for each other. This year, I’ll be giving back by staying in and staying safe. I ask that you think of all the people that have been affected by COVID-19 and that you do the same.”

3. Addison Grace

“This year I’ve been taking part in the #HappierHolidays challenge with @Journeys! I’ve been spending my time making little candy bags for my friends so when they wake up, they can find cute surprises at their doors! I’ve also been spending lots of time with my family – driving and looking at Christmas lights for a safe, fun time together!”

4. Hannah Carpenter

“We’re at our best when we look outward instead of inward, so @journeyskidz and I want to encourage us all to look for small ways to help others have a happier holiday this season.

No one is better at this than Enid Carpenter. She lives to think of others, always sending handwritten notes or baking and gifting a sweet something. Today Enid & Tom (and Homer) are spreading a little holiday cheer to their grandparents in the form of a plate of homemade Xmas cookies- minus one gingerbread man who fell victim to Homer.

Whether it’s decorating someone’s home for Xmas, making a meal, dropping a note, or even just sending an out-of-the-blue text, join us in rounding out this hard year with some much-needed holiday cheer!"

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