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Introducing: BILLY Footwear

There’s a new brand in the HOUSE!

Let’s hear it for BILLY Footwear.

We always get excited to welcome the newest brand to our block, but this time, it is even a little bit more special. Why? Because BILLY Footwear is the place where fashion meets function and is made to work for everybody and every body.

If you know Journeys, you know that we take any chance to offer more inclusive options to customers of every age, and BILLY Footwear gives us another avenue to do that!

A Brief History of BILLY Footwear

BILLY Footwear was designed by two Seattle natives: Darin Donaldson and Billy Price. When co-founder Billy Price fell from a three-story height and became paralyzed from the chest down, he lost the ability to move parts of his body, including his fingers. He found that daily tasks such as putting on clothes and shoes became more difficult for him, and he had previously taken tasks of independence like this for granted.  

Throughout the years, he learned how to navigate his new way of life but was continuously disappointed by the appearance of functional shoes. And so… BILLY Footwear was born to create functional, fashionable, and inclusive shoes that fit mainstream style, inclusive for everyone.

The Design

BILLY Footwear incorporates zippers along the sides of the shoe and around the toe, allowing the wearer to place his or her foot into the footbed flat and unobstructed and gently tug the zipper to secure the shoe.

Check them out:

The world has been waiting for better, inclusive fashion. Just as we all have individual styles, we also have unique needs for our footwear and the brands that supply it to us. We are proud to offer this brand as a solution to kids of all ages NOW! So step in and get shopping for the kiddos in your life today.

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