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New Year…What Else is New?

A wise person once said, "New phone, who dis." This statement, heavily used and heavily memed for years now, represents the beginning: a clean state and a fresh start to bring on the new. So we couldn't stop thinking about it as we rang in the new year the Journeys way... with NEW product.

So, welcome to 2024, and with that, the only thing left to say is, "New product, who dis?"

Check it out!

All UGG Everything

This time of year is always the season of UGG, but THIS year, it's what all the girlies and guys want! With viral styles on TikTok and outfitting trends on Pinterest, it's no wonder we can't keep sizes in-store or in stock. We suggest you grab a pair today since these new styles just hit the site!

Fresh Sneaker Styles

Everyone's got their go-to shoe. You don't know what to wear? Throw on that one favorite pair. Need a comfortable solution? Throw on that one pair. A versatile look for a day-to-night outfit transition? You already know you're going to wear that one pair.

"That one pair" of sneakers is tired. A lot has been expected of them over the last year, and it's probably time to give them a rest! Try something new from sneaker brands like Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Converse, and more!

Fashion Statements

Maybe you're one of those people who has no comfort zone; in that case...pop off! If you're like the rest of us and can sometimes feel trapped in your little style box, save yourself, get out of that stuffy old box, and try a new look—it's the new year, after all! Take a peek at these featured statement pieces that will remix your entire wardrobe and put a different kind of pep in your step. It never hurts to step out in something different.

Solutions for Resolutions

"I'll start on Monday..."

"I'll get moving in the new year..."

Kick the excuses with these kicks, designed to get you up and active. We all know that choosing the right shoes for physical activity will help keep you comfortable and injury-free. From flat shoes with wide soles, ankle support, and sturdy design to shock-absorbing, cushioned sneakers built to last, you can find sneakers to keep your resolutions in check at Journeys. Check out the wide selection below and even more on the site!

However you're walking into the new year, we hope that seeing this new product has inspired you to shop the latest from your favorite brand, try something new, or maybe hit your Jan 1 goals! No matter where the year ahead takes you, we hope it always leads you back to the very best fashion spot: you know us, you love us, Happy New Year!

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