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Reebok x Cardi B
Reebok x Cardi B - Club C V2 Athletic Shoes - Red and Light Blue

With another launch of the “B Unexplainable” campaign, Reebok and Cardi B have pulled off more magic!

This collab, beloved by so many for its bold look, fierce fun, and absolute style, is about more than just fashion! Of course, it’s centered around the Reebok look and design with Cardi B style, but it’s also got a deeper meaning and message to women. The “B Unexplainable” campaign is about the fact that society expects women to be perfect, yet humble, caring, but also strong—but not too strong. The perfect balance is a fine line, and it’s almost impossible to please everyone. No matter what, it seems that there is always room for “improvement” as you’re labeled “too much, too dramatic, too extra, or too whatever else.”

So instead of constantly worrying about getting it right and doing what everyone else wants, let’s do what we’re entitled to do and be our 100% authentic selves without any explanation. Like Cardi. Like this collab.

Check out the launch and the latest from Reebok in-store or in our Cardi B Collection online.

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