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Sad Summer Festival 2023
Sad Summer 2023

We are officially ONE WEEK away from Sad Summer Festival 2023, Presented by Journeys and Converse! So that means…

✅ 7 days

✅ 168 hours

✅ 10,080 minutes

until the best days of the year! Here are a few details that we think will help you better prepare.

What to Pack

If you don’t know what to pack, we totally feel that, and that’s why we’ve comprised a list of a few things you might need. Different venues allow or don’t allow certain items, so be sure to check with your specific city stop on what is allowed in, as well as the bag policy!

With that being said, here’s what we would pack:

  • An empty clear water bottle

It’s hot, and you need water to stay cool and hydrated (and also to sing your heart out). Pack a water bottle that you can use at refilling stations throughout the day.

  • Hand sanitizer or wipes

It will be a long day of meeting people, making new friends, and moving about the venue. Make sure to be ready to go when it’s time for snacks, food, or chilling with germ-free hands.

  • Sunscreen

Just because the music is fire doesn’t mean your skin should be. Protect your skin from that hot hot sun. The saddest summer of all would be one where you burned and overheated before your favorite band.

  • Phone Charger and Portable Charger

Not only is it important to keep your phone charged for communication with your friends and family, but also for things like ridesharing and (the super important part) taking pics and videos for the mems 🥹.

  • Bandages

Sad Summer Festival has First Aid, but the casual music festival blister is something you can plan ahead for. Keep your bandages and blister bandages at-the-ready for you and your friends while you’re walking and dancing. Don’t forget to break in your shoes either, that always helps!  

  • Hat and Sunglasses

A hat and sunglasses are key to having the best experience at Sad Summer Festival. They’ll help you see your favorite bands a bit better and also will protect you (again) from that hot hot sun.

  • Tickets

It sounds simple, but you need to remember your tickets. Whether you’re printing them or have them on a mobile device, we recommend you know exactly where they are and have them ready for every member in your party upon arrival.

What to Wear

Sad Summer Festival is presented by Converse and Journeys this year, which means we’d all love to see you wear your Converse from Journeys. Odds are, you probably have a pair already, but in case you need a newer style, or you have a pair that needs a refresh, we’ve got a little lineup for you below:

Surprise Surprise...

There’s a MAJOR surprise in the works for this year’s tour. We have to keep things hush-hush for now, but you’ll find out soon. Be on the lookout on our Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to be the first to get the details.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, no worries, there’s still time to grab them for some cities. Check the lineup and get your tickets here.

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