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Wolverine x Halo Launch
Wolverine x Halo

With 140 years in the business, Wolverine, a company dedicated to boots and clothing, knows a little something about durability and longevity! And when do you need a sturdier boot than when you’re headed into extreme combat… virtual combat, that is?

The latest Wolverine x Halo drop will be one for the books with its unique design, insane durability, and significance to Halo fans everywhere.

Many brands have been dipping their toes into the gaming world in order to correlate with customers’ everyday interests and influences. Wolverine dove deep into the Halo universe to add more value, more style, and a real-life gaming experience for fans.

“This partnership is representative of the unwavering commitment we have to reaching consumers across multiple touchpoints – including gaming,” says Scott Schoessel, VP of Global Marketing at Wolverine. “We couldn't be more excited to give fans a unique way to express their style by way of their favorite media franchise.”

This drop couldn’t come at a better time, with the excitement surrounding the Halo franchise for the recent launch of “Halo Infinite’s Season 3: Echoes Within.” With total inspiration from the Halo multiplayer experience, the unique look of these boots takes form from the Spartan’s armor and endless customization options in the Halo universe.

“Every Spartan needs a pair of boots they can count on, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Wolverine to bring a new range of boots to Halo fans,” said John Friend, Head of Halo & Xbox Consumer Products. “With design inspired by the Spartan armors from ‘Halo Infinte’s’ multiplayer experience, these boots were made to support you on your day-to-day missions.”

This limited-edition drop is available now at Journeys in several colors. So get hyped and grab your credit cards and controllers so you can snag a pair of this limited-edition collection before it’s too late. Pstt… they will sell out fast.

Get a closer look:

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