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5 Y2K-Inspired Styles You Need for Summer
Y2K-Inspired Summer Styles

This summer, we’ve seen a total flashback to fashion from decades past. With some retro influences from the ‘70s sprinkled here and there, the biggest influences in teen fashion are coming from the early 2000s. Ahhh, the blissful time of boy band pandemonium, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, the genius of the “Bring it On”series, fashion and gossip magazines, and low-rise jeans.

As usual, Journeys is on top of the current teen obsessions, and we have plenty of summer statements that correlate with this blast from the past. Check out these five Y2K-inspired styles that we think you should try this summer.

1. Platform Sandals and Flip-Flops

Crossing over from the late ‘90s, flip-flops became a huge staple of the early 2000s. In efforts to elevate the comfy and casual look, many celebrities started wearing platformed versions of these styles. Just like most things in the 2000s era, once the celebs were pictured on magazine covers wearing something, everyone else had to have it too!

These products are really giving the Disney Channel fashionista vibe. You can’t deny that Lizzie McGuire, Raven Baxter, and Miley Stewart would have totally been rockin’ these statement sandals.


2. Oversized Skate Shoes

Like most things from the early 2000s, skate culture is making a huge comeback. Similarly, skate fashion is on the rise too. Journeys has always been the skater’s go-to for sneakers, apparel, and self-expression, and we’re still leading the pack today.

The oversized skate shoes weren’t just worn by skateboarders; they were worn by everyone. The edgy look of skate style, paired with the rise and accessibility of streetwear, attracted artists, musicians, and trendsetters alike. Everyone wanted to hop on board, pun intended.


3. Bold and Strappy Statements

This style category includes any shoes that would have come in the package with a Bratz Doll. These bold sandals represent all the fun and color of ‘00s fashion. Strapping their way up the leg, these sandals add dimension to your outfit and elongate your look. Whether they’re platforms, lugged soles, clog-style, or plain, these sandals are bound to make your outfit more nostalgic, whimsical, and unique! Don’t take our word for it though; check out the variety of color options for each style below.


4. Sneaker Brands

In 2003, adidas released its first Superstar collaboration ever with A Bathing Ape. The collab was called the Super Ape Star and caused a huge stir around the globe! People lined the streets of major cities to get their hands on this collection. The resale value was more than double the original price. Later in 2005, adidas celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Superstar by collabing with popular artists, musicians, and fashion icons on a new edition. By working with names like Disney, Run-D.M.C., Missy Elliot, Andy Warhol, and more, adidas reiterated the fact that the Superstar was a must-have shoe of the decade.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been around for more than a century in some form or another! Even after all these years, the style hardly takes a hiatus from mainstream fashion; however, in the early 2000s, it was more popular with teens than ever before. Teen magazines featured celebs and young men and women wearing Converse for their everyday wear and dressed up with their school dance attire.


5. Sporty Sandals

Another trend being pulled from the Y2K archives is actually one that began in the late ‘90s: sports sandals. These sandals, traditionally worn by adventurers, hikers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts, were the perfect solution for warmer months. Brands like Chaco and Teva were created in the mid-late ‘80s but didn’t gain popularity until closer to the 2000s.

Today, with many desiring to live more active lifestyles (cue the ‘hot girl walkers’) and the rise in athleisure and active wear, it’s no wonder that sporty sandals are key drivers in men’s and women’s fashion. A new twist on the classic look includes stacked and ergonomic soles, color blocking, and mixed materials like rubber, leather, and sports webbing.

Fashion will likely never stop pulling from the past, and that’s what makes it so fun. You never know what trends are going to come back around for the next generation to enjoy. We’re so excited to offer our shoppers the chance to participate in the new and improved products inspired by Y2K fashion. We encourage you to try your faves of this lineup and tag us on Instagram @journeys to show how you style them!

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